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Harry Matti Hukkinen
Neptune, NJ
Sculpture, Installation Art, Mixed Media

Artwork Details
Styrofoam Series 4
Site specific styrofoam outdoor sculpture installation
16" x 24"

"My work reflects my physical, spiritual, and emotional relationship with the world.  I exist in the disparate paradigm of a socially engineered reality that stands in opposition to my personal convictions.  By questioning the beliefs of myself and others, and confronting societal issues such as prejudice, racism, gender bias, consumerism, pollution, and natural resource depletion, I hope to dissolve dualistic thinking, identify non-sustainable practices, and promote more cooperative relationships between people and the planet.  I see contemporary art as a universal language with the inherent power to transcend cultural barriers, a sublime vehicle of heart to heart and mind to mind communication.

"Having my work displayed amongst other international artists inspires me to view my art community globally, instead of just locally, regionally, or nationally.  The warmth and welcome with which I was treated in a culture so different than any other I had previously experienced opened my eyes to a new way of seeing and thinking.  My vision is to weave a global community of networked artists, aided by new media technology, utilizing Location Based Sculpture as a symbolic platform for cross-cultural exchange and dialogue.  LBS castings for permanent installations will include concrete, stone, aluminum, and bronze."

Harry was born in Lahti, Finland, emigrating to the United States in 1961 at the age of three months.  Raised in New Jersey, he began working as an artist in his late thirties.  His early work combined the experimental techniques of Polaroid photo transfer and pigmented ink jet printing.  The work was well received and was exhibited in fifteen national and international juried art shows, receiving two Best of Show and one Honorable Mention awards.  Currently, Harry considers himself a multimedia artist utilizing a broad spectrum of materials: painting, photography, sculpture, video, and performance in short films.

His collegiate discipline began at Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ, finishing his undergraduate work at Monmouth University, West Long Branch, NJ, and currently pursuing a Masters of Fine Art at The University of the Arts, Philadelphia, PA.  Recently, Harry travelled to Dubai for the opening of the 29th Annual Exhibition of the Emirates Fine Arts Society, Sharjah, UAE, where his Styrofoam Series photography was on display from January to May, 2011.

This summer Harry's work may be seen as part of The Shore Institute of Contemporary Art's urban sculpture park, Sculptoure '11 at Wesley Lake Green in Asbury Park, NJ.