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Andre de Krayewski
Newark, NJ
Painting, Graphic Design

Artwork Details
His Comeback


Andre de Krayewski was born in 1933 in Pozan, Poland.  He earned his Master’s degree in Fine Arts in 1963 from the Fine Arts Academy in Warsaw.  In 1985, he emigrated from Poland to the United States, making New Jersey his new home.

He can look back at a career that spans for half a century.  From his beginnings as a comic artist, and art manager for numerous magazines in Europe, to his establishment as being one of the top movie poster designers in Poland, Krayewski has shown his true colors and collectors world-wide seek his work.  With over one-hundred Polish movie and theater posters to his credit, mainly during the 1960’s and 1970’s, Krayewski continues to contribute to the poster scene with his more recent theater production posters for Teatr Powszechny of Warsaw in 2005 and 2006.  In the US, Krayewski has also made an impression with his art deco signature style paintings.  He was the official artist of the Panasonic Jazz Festival of 1997, and one of his signature style paintings has been the highlight of the New York Film Academy's advertising campaign for the past decade.

Of his life and his work, he states “I grew up during the communistic terror in a country seized by dullness. ‘JAZZ’ and the American flag kept my young soul alive.  After a political thaw, I was able to create posters for American movies and to illustrate American literature.  In the meantime, I was art director of magazines such as ‘JAZZ’ (Warsaw) and ‘Die Frau’ (Vienna).  After a long trip to Morocco, I dedicated my life to painting…My experience as an illustrator, poster designer and graphic artist has given me a unique and highly stylized technique with a precise treatment of my subject.“