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Jennifer Krause
Jersey City, NJ

Artwork Details
Shenandoa Valley #4

Oil on Canvas
28" x 54"

Born in 1962, Jennifer Krause works at her studio in Hoboken.  Krause's work was exhibited in the 2000 New Jersey Fine Arts Annual.  Krause's paintings put a “contemporary spin” on the realist landscape tradition.

According to the artist her “…oils on canvas are clearly representational, even realist, but there is a decidedly modern feel to them. Along with the beautiful qualities of light and rich yet subtle color palette of the landscapes, one finds the mundane, sometimes ugly elements of the manmade world - the highway pavement, the guardrail or billboard by the side of the road. The paintings' wide vistas, often with a great sense of depth and space, manage to be both beautiful, but also ordinary and banal with their inclusion of these manmade elements.”

Joseph Jacobs, curator of American Art at The Newark Museum said of Krause's work: “These paintings powerfully capture an aspect of contemporary life - the way in which we rely so heavily on our cars, often traveling long distance on a daily basis, and experiencing landscape and life at a very fast pace. There's a haunting emptiness in these pictures that seems to be a commentary on our lifestyle.”