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Jack Knight
Collingswood, NJ
Sculpture, Mixed Media

Artwork Details
Classical Lock
14" x 25 x 4"

Born in Welland, Ontario, Jack Knight is a painter and sculptor with many awards and exhibits to his credit.  Knight attended the Graduate School of Art at SUNY/Buffalo, receiving his MFA degree in painting in 1976.  Knight currently teaches painting at Burlington County College, and is a member of Philadelphia Sculptors.

In 1992, he took a hiatus from painting, instead focusing on three-dimensional ideas developed in his sculpted constructions (since Knight builds or constructs his pieces out of various objects, he refers to them as “constructions”).  Since 1996, many of Knight's constructions have been part of his ongoing Objects from Life series; constructions made from everyday objects that make insightful, often satirical, comments on the world they came from.  His artwork includes the use of natural, found, and man-made objects and by assembling them into a construction, the result consequently changes the original definition or purpose of these objects, transporting them into a new context or environment.  Some of these works are entertaining, and the titles in most cases play an important role in defining each piece.