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Claire Jervert
Rumson, NJ

Artwork Details
Untitled (Audience, Game Show)
20" x 21"

Claire Jervert’s work has been featured extensively in publications and television appearances.  She has participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions, and has been involved in curatorial projects at galleries in New York City.  Her work was included in the 2000 New Jersey Fine Arts Annual.

Jervert states: “My work examines television as a medium of communication and the complexity of our perceptions of it. Considering television's pervasiveness, it is surprising that its impact and implications have been so infrequently investigated in contemporary art. Its integral role in each of our lives could almost be compared to the church in Renaissance Italy. Television shapes our perceptions and affects our psychological and social reality. Programs are constructed using various presentation formulas and structured messages to mould our 'reading' of the images. I create the work using similar means to select, record, and represent these images which I photograph directly from the television screen. I construct the work to reveal the underlying message and to effect our visual and conceptual perceptions of television, culture and life. Each series examines some mediated aspect of life and culture. By focusing on these images and representing them I hope to examine perception, communication and society.”