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Marilyn Brent
Linwood, NJ

Artwork Details
Dune on Atlantic City Beach

48" x 96"

Marilyn Brent has lived and painted in New Jersey for the past fifteen years. Her South Jersey surroundings have figured prominently in her work, which includes drawings and paintings of landscape, figure, and genre subjects.

Rather than seeing her vicinity as mundane, she feels that “believing in our surroundings as possessing an energy or spirit endows power and prevents taking them for granted.” She seeks to convey this spirit and power through the evocation of mood in her work. She cites Edward Hopper as an influence: “I like the way Edward Hopper regards a place-deeming it significant without supplying an obvious storyline.” Using oil sketches and photographs from real life, the artist adapts them in the studio, creating moods of apprehension or mystery that may not be immediately present.

In addition to being featured in exhibitions and awarded numerous prizes, she was also featured on New Jersey Network’s (NJN) “State of the Arts” television program.