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Jay Boucher
Hoboken, NJ

Artwork Details
Ink Jet on Archival Paper
17.75" x 10.5"

Jay Boucher has studied at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA where he received a BFA for Communication Art & Design.  He has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Photography & Related Media from New York City's School of Visual Arts.  In addition to his artistic exhibitions, he is employed as a designer and interactive photographer for MTV Networks (

On his work, Boucher states, “Over the course of the past 3 years I have been taking and juxtaposing photographs to explore the incongruities of the modern city and find new relationships between pairs of images. I tend to photograph with a graphical eye, flattening surfaces with the camera and filling the photograph with color and texture. Although people are visually absent from them, the spaces contained in my photographs have an implied human presence. They are open voids for projection by the viewer. By combining two images together a single picture is created. It is a balance of contrasts and similarities, a push-and-pull of graphical form and pictorial space, much like the fragmented experience of contemporary life.”

He has previously exhibited his works at Washington D.C.'s Museum of Contemporary Art, the Visual Arts Gallery in New York City, Liquid Gallery in Hoboken, the Jersey City Museum, and the Depot Square in Chatham, NY.