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Robert Borsuk
Old Bridge, NJ

Artwork Details
Beach Sculpture
Photograph / Platinum
36" x 10"

Robert Borsuk studied at the New School and the International Center of Photography, both in New York City.  He also studied art and graphic design in New Haven, Connecticut.  Borsuk had taken on many well-received photographic projects, including a study of the Flea Market in Englishtown, NJ, a series on the abandoned buildings on Ellis Island in 1998, and an ongoing look at Asbury Park and the Jersey Shore. Asbury Park was one of his favorite locations, and one of the photos from his Asbury Park series was used as part of the Imaging New Jersey exhibit at the Printmaking Council of NJ.  Borsuk, until recently, taught photography and platinum printing workshops at the Printmaking Council of NJ, Peters Valley Craft Center, the Morristown Beard School, and at the Newark Museum. He was also an adjunct professor at Sussex County Community College.

The September/October 2006 issue of View Camera: the Journal of Large-Format Photography featured four photographs from Robert Borsuk’s Tool Series.  Borsuk said the “Tool Series began with a gift from a relative whose grandfather was a wood worker. Most of the tools are approximately 100 years old. While photographing them I saw how beautiful they were. Consequently, I began to look for more in antique shops and flea markets, expanding the search to include other kinds of tools. In the printing process I realized that when printed three or four times their actual size they take on a life of their own and become individual works of art. I am still searching and photographing.”

Robert Borsuk passed away in June 2007 at the age of 80.  Most recently, he was being remembered at Soho Photo (formerly the Alfred Stieglitz Gallery), a cooperative gallery he helped found in Manhattan.  Robert Borsuk: A Tribute Exhibition marked the start of Soho Photo's 36th season.  Borsuk had a rich and varied career as a photographer, master printer, father, designer, teacher and mentor to numerous artists and photographers. He was known for guiding other inspired artists and students to wholeheartedly fulfill their own visions. He has left a body of work that is striking in its quiet but expressive technical mastery, unashamed humanism, and thematic unity.