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Andre Veloux
Princeton, NJ

Artwork Details
Ruth Bader Ginsburg

British artist Andre Veloux resides in Princeton, NJ with his wife and daughter. He is represented by the Krause Gallery, New York City, with a solo show booked for June 2018. His feminist work is defined artistically within the parameters of modern feminism, standing up for women and their rights and empowerment. Standing against the patriarchal society and its male entitlement which causes discrimination, oppression and violence against women. His work, which is created entirely from Lego, is in private collections worldwide and has been shown in many group shows including SCOPE Miami 2017.

The focus of work is a feminist, gender equality and women's rights project, which explores the way women are viewed and society's expectations of them. A series of portraits of feminist icons, show strong, powerful and self-motivated women, some of whom have reached iconic status for their work and influence, and in themselves are agents of change in society. Female icons are at the very forefront of the women's rights movement because of all the things that these women have achieved and the circumstances in which they achieved them. Women leaders in all fields, be it political, scientific, business, artistic or humanitarian are under intense and constant scrutiny.

The purpose of all these works is to raise the question about how society treats women today. The portraits speak for themselves, the other works are a counter balance to rape culture, this is an artwork but the message is the same, women can be and dress how they like. Sexism and being sexist is such an accepted and normal part of patriarchal society. Sometimes if that is the feeling that my works generate, then to me it validates my work, because it never takes away from the purpose which is to defend women's rights.

All of the works are made with commercially available Lego bricks. Lego, in all its various forms, is at the same time limiting as well as limitless in its possibilities. The color palette is limited yet consistent, and the basic "pixel" size is also fixed. Yet at the same time, it is a hard, durable, tactile and lightweight material; it can be reused, replaced and altered at will, and provides a myriad of different possibilities due to the different available shaped bricks, tiles and plates, with the exciting opportunity to create the 3-dimensional and textural aspects of the art.