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Andrew Werth
Princeton Junction, NJ

Artwork Details
crylic on aluminum composite panel

Andrew Werth draws upon his interests in cognitive psychology, philosophy of mind, physics, and mathematics for artistic inspiration. His ongoing study of these topics generates ideas for his paintings, which he describes as "organized organic abstraction."

"In ‘real life,' I don't have much patience," says Werth. "However, I've chosen an approach to art-making that forces me to take things slowly and methodically." Each painting is comprised of one or more base layers upon which Werth then makes thousands of hand-painted marks of color. His paintings are designed so that color interactions give a sense of depth and luminosity. Because of this optical mixing of colors as well as the use of metallic or interference pigments, often on aluminum panels, the paintings may be perceived differently depending upon where the viewer stands.

In recent years, many of Werth's paintings have been composed around a kind of pattern found in nature that was first proposed by British mathematician Alan Turing. Werth simulates Turing's process in Adobe Photoshop and uses the resulting formations as a launching point for his painting designs.

"I use Turing Patterns in part because they provide a link to my previous career as a software engineer but also because they show how certain simple processes that occur in nature can be responsible for creating complex and beautiful designs," he writes.

Werth's arts education was self-directed, drawing upon a diversity of resources throughout New York City, including the School of Visual Arts, The New School, and the Art Students League. His holds a B.S. Computer Engineering and an M.S. Information Networking, both from Carnegie Mellon University. He currently lives in West Windsor, New Jersey.


Two of Andrew Werth's paintings are included in the group show, Art of Discovery, at the West Windsor Arts Center in West Windsor, NJ, through November 4, 2016.