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Betty McGeehan
Morristown, NJ
Mixed Media, Sculpture

Artwork Details
Beauty and The Beast
Wood, Copper
31 x 21 x 8”

I, Betty McGeehan, am a self-taught artist whose career spans 40 years. It includes stone carving, bronze casting, aluminum, bronze fabrication, bent wood and found objects. My attention to detail and understanding of fine craftsmanship allow for a marriage of materials.

My journey into explorations in wood started with my fascination of the simple, yet exquisite beauty of the wood itself. In this series, sweeping lines of color, spiraling patterns of growth, and brindled history of the wood grain, all exemplify nature's artistic mastery. To me, these "life etchings", many enhanced by the rich textures that border the bark, are an organic expression of beauty and wholeness that reach far beyond our human capabilities. Inspired by these elegant rhythms, and adding another element to each sculpture, gives the piece special importance. These man-made forms sharply contrast with the free flowing patterns of the wood and serve to confront the viewer and encourage reflection."

Betty's studio is located at 11 Commerce St., Chatham, NJ. Visitors can view her work there.