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Kevan Lunney
East Brunswick, NJ
Fiber Art

Artwork Details
Archeology #11 Leadwood Tree
Linen face, cotton gauze back, bamboo batting, cotton, rayon and poly threads, paint, metal leaf
28 x 29"

Lunney's work in linen, paint and stitch resembles documents from ancient Egypt or Rome or possibly the Far East. She calls her series Archeology Fragments. The whole cloth surface is embroidered with text in an undecipherable ancient tongue. Each piece derives its title from a word or phrase in English, which unconsciously enters the work during construction.

Some pieces have a shadow of a branch crossing the surface, which also may represent a crack in a stone tablet. Some pieces incorporate a large circle, which resembles a moon or an eclipse of the sun or a portal to an ancient world. The patinaed surface is richly textured with paint and radiates with gold colored metal leaf. Upon viewing this work, one is impressed with the feeling that this document was once revered by an ancient people for its wisdom.

One is drawn in by the warm glow and mysterious feel which is appropriate in both a contemporary or traditional setting whether that be a conference room, hotel, restaurant or home.
Lunney has created with paint, fabric and thread since she was very young. She designed sleepwear in NYC continuing her love of constructing with fabric. She loves texture, text and dark chocolate. She is married and has two children. Her work has been on exhibit in the US, Europe and Africa. She is represented by Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery.

"Viewing my work, I want you to feel you are listening to an ancient conversation, that others are reaching through time to speak to you," Lunney says.

Lunney's inspiration comes from a radio program reporting on a discovery of discarded papyrus documents from an ancient Egyptian rubbish mound. Imagining someone examining our garbage two millennia from now caused her to reflect upon what we have discarded, and what we might choose to leave behind in the future.

What has lasting value? Lunney's conclusion is shared wisdom, nature's elements, and time.

Her work includes rows of stitches to represent ancient words of wisdom. Metal leaf symbolizes the value of natural elements. Incorporating circles onto distressed linen conveys never-ending time and life cycles.

Lunney's creations convey a hopeful message that time's continuous presence provides endless opportunities for regeneration, if we will hearken to the wisdom waiting for us from the past.

Lunney's work can be seen in the following exhibits:

June 28 to September 6, 2015
Please Touch! Sculpture Exhibition

Monmouth Museum, Lincroft, NJ


August 14 to Sept 13, 2015
NJ Emerging Artist Kevan Lunney

solo show
Monmouth Museum, Lincroft, NJ