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Gary DiBenedetto
Hillsborough, NJ

Artwork Details
Grinding Wheel and Scythe
found objects, audio technology
43" x 19" x 53"

Gary DiBenedetto's work over the past 15 years has resulted in 11 electroacoustic compositions, 3 videos, 29 sound generating kinetic sculptures and 3 interdisciplinary performance works. Gary received a New Jersey State Council on the Arts Composition Fellowship in 2002 and a Crafts Fellowship in 2015.

In 2004 he began creating sound installations. Upon request of NJ Governor James McGreevey, a collaborative interactive 9/11 Memorial was proposed for Liberty State Park. In 2006 he won the overall prize in KAO International Kinetic Art Competition. His performance work "Sweat Equity" premiered at the AC Gallery, New York in 2011. 15 of the kinetic works were exhibited at the Hunterdon Arts Museum (Clinton, NJ) in 2010. "The Little Woman", was selected by Fuller Crafts Museum for tour with The Perfect Fit: Shoes That Tell a Story, 2008 through 2011. Other exhibitions include: NJ Festival of Electronic Arts, Grounds For Sculpture, 2012; International Computer Music Conference, Stony Brook University, New York 2010; New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, 2014; Some video viewings were: "Key Piece" XMV-eXperimental Music Video, Collective: Unconscious, New York 2008; "Key Piece" (video) TNA-TV Freebox channel 168, Paris 2007; "Self Portrait" ICMC University of Miami, 2004. He received his MA in performance and composition from New York University.

During his early years as a struggling musician, Gary DiBenedetto also worked as a carpenter. During this time, he began collecting antiques. Both of these pursuits cultivated an affinity for craftsmanship and history that have impacted his artistic endeavors.

The original purpose of the antiques incorporated within DiBenedetto's installations was to increase the efficiency and ease of everyday life. Foot pedals on sewing machines sped the process of garment-making. Hand-operated clothing agitators eliminated the need for washboards. The artist's neo-constructivist sculptures reconfigure these tools and bring them into an artistic forum.

Each of DiBenedetto's sculptures has a moving component, powered manually or by electric motors. An audio processing feature brings the sound generated by these machines to life. As a result, the spectators are able to explore the operations of the many tools that comprise these sculptures.

DiBenedetto has developed performance works to accompany his interactive installations. Sweat Equity is a non verbal staged performance where dancers operate kinetic sculptures. Each sculpture is a machine that generates sound. Each dancer's relationship to their sculpture becomes increasingly complex. An electroacoustic composition unfolds, increasing tension and directing the dancer's actions.

The collaboration of the dancers and the sculptures create a sonic and kinetic environment that expresses the embodiment of work and effort and its ultimate effect on the body and psyche.


Gary's work is currently showing at:


New Jersey State Arts Annual
February 12 - April 19, 2015
Morris Museum
Morristown, NJ 07960