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David Pucciarelli
Boonton, NJ

Artwork Details
Lady Persona

18" x 26"

David Pucciarelli is a self-taught professional artist/photographer nationally and internationally acclaimed for his originality and stylized realism. His work captures the life personas of some of the most famous faces and infamous places. "My art touches upon a deep love and admiration for my late father and pays homage to those I admire and draw inspiration from. My work serves a creative vice in exercising personal agonies having survived two near fatal motorcycle accidents."

David's motivation for his art is to capture the essence of the person, and to sustain for a moment the snapshot of scene and image. His work has become a voice for him to exercise personal agonies.

David's originality, blending of mediums, and distinctive styling have propelled him to world-wide sales. His works have been presented and appreciated by some of the most famous names in sports, literary, and entertainment, including but not limited to: Goose Gossage, Don Mattingly, Ron Guidry, Graig Nettles, Kevin Schwantz, Mat Mladin, Evel & Robbie Knievel, Buddy Guy, Hillary Hemingway.

David's art touches upon a deep love and admiration... "My work is the legacy I leave in my father's name, as I have no children of my own to carry on his namesake. I can only hope that my art does justice in some small way to the quality and courage, the greatness and unshakable character of my father, Paul Nicholas Pucciarelli... Until we meet again."


David owns and operates this gallery, where he displays his work:

Iconic Images Art Gallery
414 Main St.
Boonton, NJ