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Susan Marx
Orange, NJ

Artwork Details
Here Comes the Sun
Acrylic on canvas
30" x 24"

Susan Marx's wildly colorful paintings are joyous translations of image into hue. Marx paints the outside world, working en plein air, with her feet on the grass, with an emphasis on paring down visual elements to concentrate on "color, light, and energy" - subjects which entice and engage the viewer, drawing them into a fresh and beautiful world. Marx describes her style as Abstract Impressionism, combining "the light of the Impressionists, the brilliant color of the Fauves and the energy of the Abstract Expressionists" to create shapes out of quick, assertive paint-filled strokes. Colors are not blended and the brushstroke length varies widely; she paints spontaneously with energy and emotion. Marx draws in color, using fast drying acrylics so that she can quickly capture her reaction to her "radical amazement at the visual world." - Press release from Agora Gallery.

Susan writes: My art comes from my radical amazement at the visual world around me, and my need to turn that visual experience into paint. Nature is my starting point, but not my end result.

I call myself a modern Abstract Impressionist. . . . I don't paint flowers to paint flowers, I paint flowers to paint color.  
I love color. I see color everywhere. I try to capture the essence in my painting, the color and the emotion, and leave the rest to the viewer's imagination, to make him an active participant. I have begun to leave blank canvas as part of my paintings, so that they can breathe - and my brushstrokes have become even more dynamic.

Someone once said I work to the muse of Monet, Van Gogh and Joan Mitchell; I was thrilled. They helped guide me in my artistic development leading to my own very personal visual expression which allows me to introduce my viewers to a beautiful world of color, light and energy.


Susan Marx is exhibiting her work at:

The State the Art 2015 Exhibition

Now through April 17, 2015

SMI Galleries at Academy Square
33 Plymouth Street (1st & 2nd Floors)
Montclair, NJ 07042


The Arts Council of Livingston Gallery

2110 Town Center Way
Livingston, NJ 07039