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Miroslaw Chelchowski
Laurence Harbor, NJ

Artwork Details
Colors of the sea
Acrylic on canvas

Miroslaw Chelchowski was born outside of Warsaw, Poland. As a child his passions included drawing and sports. He was a champion bodybuilder on the national team. Between the trainings, as a form of relaxation, he was painting. After a couple of years people have started to like his paintings and that was his motivation to paint more and more. Later, after a few exhibition, he has switched his primary focus from bodybuilding to painting. He decided to move up with his artwork and study art.

In 1984 he came to U.S.A and continued to work with his art, depicting land, seascape and abstract. He had established his unique form of realism which explored the mystery and magic of land, the water and the sky. After experiencing with several different mediums, he has settled on acrylic abstract as his main focus. It is now one of his primary joys. Expressing the essence of abstracts and the emotional content of his subject is what he strives for. The imagery is both turbulent and peaceful as nature is both action and can repose at any given time. He paints the same subjects as any other artist but in his specific and unique ways. In present time his paintings are now exhibited all over the world and it's in many private collections. He won many awards from art critics and art collectors. One of his paintings was chosen to be on a book cover -- "Bound by Love" familial bonding in film and television since 1950 (Cambridge Scholars Publishing).

"My current paintings are abstract," says Miroslaw, "and some are mixed with realism. The paintings show you what I feel and what I see. Before I painted in different media and different styles (landscape, seascape in watercolor and oil), I was painting regular views and the paintings showed you only my paint skills, not what I feel. On my abstract paintings you can see something else: emotion, love, peace, etc. I always try to paint something different than the other artists. For example business man with his stress, or silence, music or the world's situation. Every time when I have a canvas in front of me it's my challenge, it's my world, it's my view and it's something from my mind. I feel great if someone understands my painting."

Miroslaw will be showing at:

"U Gallery"
439 South Ave
Westfield, NJ
December 5 until January 6 2014