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Richard Earl
Westfield, NJ

Artwork Details
The Flock
Photographic Montage, Archival Digital Print
24" x 30"

Richard Earl lives in New Jersey.  He has worked as a photographer since 1970.  His resume includes work in photo engraving, photo silk screening, portraiture, freelance, advertising, product shots, event photography, photo restoration, custom printing and art photography.

He has earned a BA from Rutgers University and a MA in art from the New Jersey University; all of his graduate work consisted of studio courses in drawing, painting, and photography.  He has also completed a 30-year career as a professional firefighter in one of New Jersey's largest cities.  Since his retirement from this profession, he has lived the life of an artist and is involved with the creation of artwork on a daily basis.

"I have attemped to outline several of the major themes that my photographs explore on a regular basis with these submissions.  The use of powerful colors, strong compositions, and unusual points of view create a presence in the works.  Dreamlike and visionary imagery are common themes in these works.

"I have chosen to submit only digital photographic montages.  Modern photograhpy has become digital.  The advances in digital technology have given modern photographers unprecedented control over all aspects of the final image.  This control is well beyond anything that was ever possible with film-based technology; it extends beyond the purely technical aspects of craftsmanship and reaches deeply into the areas of artistic expression.  This trend promises to continue into the future with digital technology being even more predominant than it is now.

"My photographic work ranges from traditional imagery such as landscape and potraiture to the creation of photographic montages.  The ontages are compositions created by the blending of several different images.  This type of work requires the skills of both the photographer and the painter.  These images tend to be surrealistic in tone and modern in feeling even though they are usually based on a more traditional type of photographic imagery.

"The compilation of these layered iamges mirrors the complex nature of experience; not completely realized and somewhat mysterious with a deep current of undertones and hidden meanings.  The result is the creation fo imagers that have both power and presence; images that achieve "more reality than a single layer of imagery can express."  These images also invite the spectator to interpret and become more involved with the artwork.  In essence, the spectator can participate in the telling of hte story behind the work, enhancing and enriching the Art experience.  Many of these pieces grow in impact as they grow in size.  The enlarged scale leads to the creation of a strong, vital presence in the work.  There is a sense of something just about the happen in the scene; something awaited with longing and great anticipation."

Richard is exhibiting in the following shows:

2013 Union County County Senior Citizens Art Exhibit - Elizabethtown Gas Co.1085 Morris Ave., Union, NJ.

SCAHC Summer Solstice Show
(Sussex County Arts and Heritage Council)
133 Spring St., Newton,  NJ