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Gary Koenitzer
Medford, NJ
Digital Art

Artwork Details
Two Sides To Every Story
60" x 109"

Art is my life. I have always been greatly inspired by this extremely vibrant and visual universe we live in. Some where around age ten I remember being fascinated by a book of art first noting that it was more pictures than it was words. I immediately knew soon after I wanted to try this thing called art. So I studied it intently. By the age of fourteen or so I already had a list of favorite artists. I also became interested in their life biographies and studied their life history. I concluded that artists were a creative force which contributed a significant definition to every culture they were part of. Their stories and their art inspired in me this gift of creation we all have. Holding artists in high reverence it took awhile before I could think of actually becoming one. In 2004 I changed careers from a strategic technology planner to a full time artist. I first developed a very successful series I called "artists as art" which explored artists as a subject of art. I went on to become highly active in three distinctly different mediums which were on canvas work, photography and digital painting.

"When it comes to process I am highly diverse and experimental. My first homage to the great artists of the world resulted in on canvas work using a wide range of mixed mediums. I enjoyed mixing uncommon mediums such as aluminum paint, sumi ink and florescent paint. While I did want to project a recognizable image of these artists I did not want to copy their style. I was more motivated to invent my own style as they had done. I also leveraged my extensive technology back ground to explore new advances in digital photography and as well as creative computer software to add to the arena of my inventive pallet. I wanted to take advantage of every thing present day which past artists did not have access to and them mix it all up as if one medium. Ultimately all this experimentation led to my developing a creative style I call " Linear Mix " which is a process I use to tie all three genre together. Linear mix is a stylistic method of using fragmented lines or blocks of color to first define and shape the entire content of a subject matter, then additional color, shading and texture are applied using a highly diverse uncommon set of mixed mediums, processes, tools or color values. I produce this work as on canvas work, digital paintings and highly edited photography. Even though I work in three distinctly different genre a similar look and style can been seen across all of them. A lot of my inspiration comes from the continued exploration of new processes and mediums as well as mixing them together while maintaining a signature style which is all my own."

Gary is showing his work at:

Trenton City Museum - Ellarslie Mansion
in Cadwalader Park, Trenton, NJ
April 27 - June 9, 2013