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Richard Vidal
Flanders, NJ
Painting, Mixed Media

Artwork Details
Acrylics on Canvas
24" x 24"

Richard was born in 1955 in the Dominican Republic and immigrated to the United States at eight years of age, growing up as an inner city youth in the South Bronx of New York. Due to the many negative influences an economically disadvantaged youth experiences, he was a troubled student with a less than stellar academic record. When he was sixteen years old, his art teacher encouraged him to enter an art contest sponsored by B'nai B'rith, a Jewish philantrophic organization. After much hesitation, he entered the contest and was awarded first prize for a poster on the Viet Nam war.

This early success piqued his interest in art, which he has actively pursued for the last 20 years. He attended Herbert Lehman College and had a September 2011 exhibit at Main Artery Gallery in Netcong, NJ.

"Although visual art can be used to convey complicated social ideas or critiques related to the human condition," Richard writes, "it can also stand on its own as a purely visual experience based solely on what is on the canvas, photograph, or whatever visual medium is employed. As a painter, I believe that an artist has the unique ability to render a vision of the world that, in its highest form, can change, intensify, or enhance the way we perceive the world around us.

"I believe that art can also stimulate the mind on a more basic, non-academic level through the more elemental forces of color, composition, texture, mood, and movement. Although I reserve the right to make social commentary through my art in future works, presently I am fascinated with these "elemental forces."

"At this point in my development as an artist I am more interested in stimulating the viewer on a more visual level than on a political or social level. It is my goal to use the elements of color, composition, texture, mood, and movement to render a vision of the world, enhanced by the way I see a moonlit sky in winter, a field of wild flowers, or the undulating rhythms of colors poured on a canvas. It is my objective to stimulate the visual cortex rather than the frontal cortex because our reasoning and emotions are also informed, on a subliminal level, by what we see and how we see it. My goal is that in some way my work helps to elevate this experience."

Richard will be exhibiting this March at the Morris Township Main Town Hall building at
50 Woodland Avenue, Morristown, NJ. 


He will also be showing his work at the Atrium Gallery at the Sussex County Community College from April 12th to May 1st of this year.