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Hannah Fink
Princeton, NJ
Sculpture, Fiber Art

Artwork Details
Wood, rubber, fabric, metal, wire, mm

"I work with a variety of found objects and recycled materials, forming garments that range from diminutive to enormous. These objects hang from the ceiling, attach to the wall or are freestanding, with highly textured, nuanced surfaces that appear to be well-worn relics from a distant past," says Hannah Fink.

"I began the footwear series about 3 years ago, often finding my inspiration in deconstructing and then reconstructing some of my old sculpture. I work, and rework and make many permutations before the shoe becomes complete. These objects vary from the delicate to comically creepy."

Hannah Fink holds a Masters Degree in Painting from San Francisco State University, a BFA in drawing from California College of Arts & Crafts, and a BA in sociology from the University of Wisconsin. Her work has been seen in collections including the Rouse Design and Development Corporation in Philadelphia, Technatron in Princeton, and in exhibitions at Outsider Art Gallery in Frenchtown, Aljira: A Center for Contemporary Art in Newark, Galerie SPHN in Germany, Princeton University, Jersey City State College Art Gallery, Snyder Fine Arts in New York City, and New Jersey State Museum, among other locations since the mid-'80s.

In 2003, she received 2 Mabel R. Dodge Foundation Grants for the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts in Sweet Briar, VA. Previously, in 1984, she was a recipient of the NJ State Council on the Arts Grant.  In addition, she receive a grant from the VCCA for a residency at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Ireland in 2001.

Hannah will be showing at:

Outsider Art Gallery
Frenchtown, NJ
in January and February 2012