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Thomas Shelton
Oakland, NJ
Found object folk art sculptures, Sculpture

Artwork Details
True Blue
Blue metal teapot, an old sugar sifter, a stainless steel teaspoon arm, recycled wood, etc.
7" x 15"

Thomas Shelton is a self-taught artist living in Oakland, New Jersey. Most of his work is experimental, using found objects and recycled material.

His work can be called "folky" because of the random materials used and the different techniques and styles that are displayed in each piece. He has the ability to manipulate an object to the point where it becomes art, but still allowing the original nature of the object to shine through. Some of his art is practical, including a line of key racks, made mostly of reclaimed wood and metal.

Tom puts great care into constructing his pieces so that they are resistant to normal handling and small stumbles. The major construction of the items is done with screws and nuts and bolts so that pieces won't fall off. On items that are painted, a protective finish is added to prevent fading or chipping over the years.

Tom is constantly creating new characters and is open to all suggestions. If you would like a custom piece made or specific objects used, please email Thomas.  Click here for his shop.

"When I am creating art, I appreciate the individual parts that all play a crucial role in creating a complete piece. As I assemble my works, I don't always focus on the final product. Art, for me, is in the experience, not the result. In life, there is nothing more satisfying than staying in the present moment, and art teaches me how to do that best."


Tom will be showing next at:

Digable Arts Festival
Monroe Center for the Arts
720 Monroe St, Hoboken, NJ
October 15-16 (noon-6pm)