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Laura McClanahan
Glen Gardner, NJ

Artwork Details
Phyllospora comosa
Digital Photograph
30" x 40"

"I am an artist working in abstract photography and video to study water patterns such as the vortex, wave, meander, and drop and how they relate to patterns of thought. Water set ups and the car wash allow me to examine temporal water phenomena. I also explore origins through studies of primitive life in water with a series of work on fictional planktonic life forms. These are created through photograms of glass objects using the darkroom as my microscope."

Laura McClanahan is an exhibiting artist known for her abstract photography, photograms, and video. She is a 2007 graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art with an MFA in Studio Art. She is represented in solo exhibitions by Simon Gallery Contemporary Fine Art in Morristown, NJ and presented in gallery exhibitions and Art Fairs by Divergence Fine Art, Baltimore, MD. Laura gives gallery talks and lectures about her experimental processes and concepts to gallery and University audiences.

Certified in Art Education from Parsons and Bank Street in NYC in addition to her undergraduate design education from Lehigh University, Laura teaches Art, Architecture and Graphic Design at Rutgers Preparatory School in New Jersey.

Mary Ellen Simon writes: "Laura McClanahan's photography is an investigative study of the optical properties of water, glass and light. In her constructed worlds, she manipulates the mineral through imposing surfaces and introducing filtered color, she works with life's most elemental substance to create a narrative about what makes something alive. With her plates and vials she explores the ambiguities between familiar details and abstract configurations in the contained water. Fascinated by archetypal forms, (such as drop, wave and vortex), captured in the surface tension, McClanahan draws relationships to the influences of repetitive patterning in nature and in the mind of the observer.

"In these photographs, Photo Cells, the constructed imagery is an artificial environment that portrays a dream-like experience of swimming through a kelp forest in the surf of the ocean. These micro-marine algae, plankton and seaweeds appear as the cumulative effect of many cells gathered together through her process and magnified by the zoom of the camera's lens. They are portraits of green tides and algal blooms, bubbles of sea foam and nutrients decaying, although there are no real microorganisms from the sea involved. This is Laura McClanahan's science fictional world of life sustaining qualities where technology takes the eye to places beyond what has been foreseen or imagined. These 30" x 30" and 30" x 40" digital photographs are part of an ongoing body of work that initiated in 2005."

Laura is showing this work from the Simon Gallery @ Hyatt Morristown, NJ, Eclectic Grill, from August to September, 2011. Upcoming; a solo exhibition of new work at Simon Gallery opening September 9th, 2011, 6-8 pm.