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Tracy DiTolla
Oakland, NJ

Artwork Details
A Dark Night of the Soul
Watercolor on paper
26" x 17"

"I am currently working in watercolor, which allows me to achieve the diaphanous layers of color that are necessary to set the mood for my current series of paintings. This current series is called the 'Lotus Series' and involves depictions of lotus flowers and Zen and Buddhist symbolism. The flowers and symbolism in my work are representative of finding inner peace and balance after going through dark and difficult times in life. I am greatly influenced by all religions but especially Zen and Buddhist philosophies. My background in art history has left me fascinated with religious symbolism and iconography and this is a constant thread in my art.

"I also work in collage and sometimes add small watercolor paintings into my collages. The process of making artwork in any medium is very therapeutic to me and collage, in particular, brings me great fulfillment. Building something up from pieces that once were something else is symbolic of the fact that even if something is broken it can be rearranged and glued back together; transformed into something different yet still relevant."

Tracy DiTolla graduated from William Paterson University with a degree in Art History; she studied studio art as her minor. She has an MA in Art History from Montclair University. Tracy works in various mediums but is currently focusing on watercolor painting and collage/mixed media. There are several recurring themes in her work including alcoholism, mental illness, the diversity of religions and meditation. She is currently living and working in New Jersey and is the co-organizer of Art & Music Event, a yearly group show in Oakland, NJ that promotes the arts in New Jersey.

Tracy will be showing her work at Chantilly Lace in Wyckoff, NJ.