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Chris Kappmeier
Lyndhurst, NJ
Painting, Mixed Media

Artwork Details
Lyndhurst Street Faire at Twilight

24.0 x 30.0 inches

"Art is the most important thing in my life. I love the feel of the brush to canvas, pencil to paper, the smell of the paints and linseed oil. I use all mediums, including crayons, markers, watercolors, pens, pastels and collages.

All of my landscapes are done in 'open air.' I don't think you can paint a cold winter scene or hot summer day without being in it. I like the smell of the snow, grass or rain and I paint it. My art is about the feeling of the moment and not done from pictures. In this way I am part of all of my paintings.

I love to create something from nothing, to take a blank canvas or a piece of paper and bring the feeling of the moment to others. In the end, the artwork speaks for itself."

Christopher Charles Kappmeier was born in Jersey City, New Jersey and raised in Maywood, New Jersey. He has been painting or drawing in one form or another as far back as he can remember.

Kappmeier is a Fine Art graduate of The Newark School of Fine and Industrial Art, which sparked his passion for open-air painting.

After postgraduate courses, Kappmeier traveled throughout Italy and England painting whatever inspired him along the way. Kappmeier has also worked as a silkscreen and gold leaf printer.

He is currently residing in Lyndhurst, New Jersey.