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Mark Wojcik
Mahwah, NJ

Artwork Details
Amoeba II
12" x 12"

As an artist, Mark Wojcik follows his creative instincts with an aim to fulfill the objectives of his artistic philosophy. By creating and exploring the never-ending permutations of light, color, and shape, his work becomes a record and commentary on the power of variety. Working with precise geometry as a guide has created a playground in which he can manipulate and embrace the rigidity of visual constructions. The mazes and patterns in his work developed from his preference to working in the abstract. While working in the tradition of Mondrian and other artists who explored the possibilities of pure form and color through geometric means, Mark Wojcik expands that tradition with elements of conceptualism and abstract illusionism, to create a compelling postmodern synthesis.

A life long resident of New Jersey, Mark Wojcik is an emerging contemporary artist whose paintings have been exhibited throughout the country, including City Without Walls in Newark and NJPAC. He is a self-taught artist steeped in the Bauhaus tradition, whose creative skills over the past twelve years has allowed him to construct visually challenging works of art. Mark received his B.A. from Rutgers University and an M.P.A. from Seton Hall University.