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Maria Lau
Jersey City, NJ

Artwork Details
Edificio Amistad
Digital C-Print
20" x 24"

As an American of Cuban-Chinese descent, artist Maria Lau’s cultural background and separation from her family instilled in her at an early age the paramount importance of cultural preservation.  Her artwork and vision are often an exploration in identity and a reflection of her multicultural heritage.  Her most notable works concerning Cuba are an authentic fusion of visual styles and mediums that form a narrative of her personal history.

Of her work she explains, "My artwork is a self-exploratory documentary within a fine art context that often reflects my multicultural heritage. I have documented Cuba as a way of exploring my history, originally inspired by the idea of documenting a Cuban lifestyle I could not be a part of as a child, but often dreamt of.  These images were made as part of a series I started when I was experimenting and exploring self-identity and the multi-layers of my heritage.  Most are images of street scenes in Havana, Cuba made with film using in-camera double and triple exposures.  I am intrigued by all the signs and symbols, what they express and communicate of the Cuban identity, their way of life and their environment."

Lau has participated in group and solo exhibitions at museums and galleries throughout the region including the Jersey City Museum, Cuban Cultural Center of New York, Asian-American Cultural Center in Piscataway, Puffin Cultural Forum in Teaneck, and Paul Robeson Gallery at Rutgers University in Newark.  Her work can be found in permanent and private collections nationwide.