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Robert Beck
Lambertville, NJ

Artwork Details
Chateau Exotique
Oil on Panel
24" x 30"

For someone who left the corporate world 17 years ago to pursue painting, Robert Beck’s numbers impress: 16 solo shows, 23 awards from major regional juried exhibitions, and a 37-painting show at the Michener Art Museum. His work continues to mature, but the 57 year-old New Jersey native maintains a focus.  He paints things that catch his attention. Influenced but not held by the Bucks county impressionists, Beck’s fresh passages of paint and inviting compositions are a language of his own.  Working from life, he explores and illuminates, sometimes taking us into almost-familiar areas, other times creating documentary images of unusual or unseen occupations.  He credits an upbringing in Bucks County for continual stimulation in all the arts, and having attended the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts for his path.

Of his work Beck explains, “I am reacting to what is in front of me.  When I create studio paintings I’m reacting to what is in my head.  In all cases my desire is to describe.  Rather than give details of what I see, I try to locate the launching point that gives just enough information for viewers to fill out the rest based on their own experiences. It’s as much eliminating noise and misinformation as including specifics. The breadth of my subject matter adds context and definition to the individual images.  My art is not confined by subject, geographic location or stylistic school.  I paint the opportunities and adventures that life parades in front of me.”

Robert Beck’s work was featured in the Inside Lambertville exhibit at the Studio and Gallery of Robert Beck, honoring the 10 year anniversary of his first solo exhibition in Lambertville.  Beck’s work has also appeared in a retrospective exhibition at the Trenton City Museum at Ellarslie, with fellow artist Michelle Post. His work was also included in the 75th retrospective of Phillips Mill, as well as part of an exhibition at the Friedman Gallery in London.