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Barbara Stork
Jersey City, NJ
Mixed Media

Artwork Details
Millennium Flower - Conspiracy Fear
Flower: Cast Aluminum with Acrylic Enamel, Leaf: Offset Print on Paper with Watercolor
12" x 6" x 9"

Barbara Stork describes her work as “inventions to survive an economic collapse with ersatz domestic comfort.”  Recent inventions such as the Milk Carton Leather Briefcase and Grocery Sack Mattress were designed to be a somewhat, but not entirely, irrational approach to a cottage industry product using low tech means and widely available free raw materials. The Millennium Flower is one of four different flowers that are her first mass-produced art product. Designed to sell at a price accessible to the average person, the flowers attempt an experiment with the potential of financial return for artwork in real time. According to the artist, earlier works from the 1980's were prescient to her current poverty obsession, where she observed evidence of overt dedication to American consumer culture. In A Christian Day, she depicts a glorification of the custom van craze. Orange Haired Woman observes women's identity through household product marketing with a detail in the packaging that reads “suitable for all your delicate straining needs.”  Stork is represented by Trans Hudson Gallery in NYC.