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Miriam Stern
Teaneck, NJ
Photography, Printmaking

Artwork Details
Madam Mosaic
22" x 15"

Miriam Stern’s work has been published in many journals and books of poetry. She has won numerous awards and prizes throughout her career as a photographer and printmaker. She has been featured in solo and group exhibitions in the United States and Israel.  Her work can be found in private and public collections including the Yeshiva University Museum and Johnson & Johnson Corporation.  In addition to producing art, she has curated several art exhibitions and also lectures.

On her work, Stern states: “The computer has been a great tool enabling me to use my photographs, manipulate them and transform them into something other. These transferred computer images are the basis of my 'monoprints'. Technically, the work could be completed on the computer. But, the artistic process and aesthetic of handwork done…would be lost if the computer were the only implement used. The 'clean' process of working on the computer followed by the 'dirty' hands-on printmaking process is a wonderful new way of creating a unique image. The elements of spontaneity and surprise, as well as the painterly touch, are what make this combination of media so exciting.”