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Karen Chasen Spitzberg
Watchung, NJ
Mixed Media

Artwork Details
Riverscape #7

Mixed Media
10" x 10"

Artist and educator Karen Chasen Spitzberg received her BA from Drew University “Summa cum laude”, and her MA from New York University. Over the last ten years her career has been marked by creative innovation in bringing art to the blind and visually impaired through several organizations. She has worked as an artist educator for the Museum of Modern Art, Montclair Art Museum, Jersey City Museum, Drew University, NJ Foundation for the Blind, Art Education for the Blind, and the Associated Blind.

Spitzberg states, “Several years ago during a residency at the Vermont Studio Center, my light filled studio overlooked a nearby stream. As I gazed out at the bucolic setting, I began to think about the ways in which I could recreate the landscape. Since my work had traditionally been directed towards blind and visually impaired people, my natural tendency was to 'see' things through their eyes. For a congenitally blind person, distance and perspective have little meaning, so I began to imagine ways in which these and other concepts inherent in the 'riverscape' outside my window could be conveyed.”  Karen Chasen Spitzberg's Riverscape series viewed at the Simon Gallery in 2004. Of this series she states, “My greatest challenge has been to locate a voice in which art can speak to a variety of viewers in a variety of ways, both blind and sighted. I believe, with my Riverscape portraits, I have achieved that goal.”

During her career, her works have been on view at Kenilworth Public Library in New Jersey, VSA arts of NJ, Gallery 10 in Washington, D.C., Phoenix Gallery in NYC, and the Lighthouse in NYC.  Honors for Karen Chasen Spitzberg have included grants from the VSA Arts Program, the Bronze Apple Award from the National Educational Media Network, and a fellowship from the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. Her work has been featured on television and in an award-winning documentary film.