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Ilona Sochynsky
Margate, NJ

Artwork Details
Ornamental Vesssel
Oil on Linen
38" x 48"

Of Ukrainian origin, Sochynsky received her Masters of Fine Art from Yale University and a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD). She has exhibited widely in both Europe and the United States including in Convergence, an exhibit at the Zorya Fine Art gallery in Connecticut, which was reviewed in the Summer 2005 edition of ARTnews.

Sochynsky's work reflects a strong classical art training as well as a marked contemporary sensibility. Very much a part of the group of artists that emerged in the 1970's, her work embodies many of the same themes and concerns with that of her peers, most notably the Photo-Realist movement.  Describing her artistic journey she explains: “Over the years, my work has progressed from hyper-realism to abstraction. My early paintings depicted recognizable single images with shiny, industrial surfaces. Soon I began to combine several images onto one surface in a kind of collage. I continued with this process of unraveling and reconstructing till I found myself working with fragments - human or otherwise - creating narrative compositions whose origins were based on collage. In these works abstraction and representation went hand in hand.” In a sense, Sochynsky's paintings are like the “eye of the storm” because her works achieve a certain sense of stillness and order that permits the viewer to reassemble the image into their own unique narrative.