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Debra Petitti
Millington, NJ
Painting, Mixed Media

Artwork Details
Oil & Mixed Media
24" x 48"

Debra Petitti received her BFA in Art Education from Monmouth University. She has worked as the head art instructor at the Atelier Gallery in Madison for the past six years. Although she is very involved with her teaching career, Petitti has always seen herself as a painter first. Her greatest artistic influence occurred after she enrolled in an outdoor program and spent a month learning how to survive in the great outdoors in Wyoming. This experience gave her the opportunity to share a special creative bond with nature.

Of her work she states, “My works are personal statements I have created through the contrast of colors, shape and texture. I use the creative process as a means to channel and release emotions that I would normally keep locked inside. Each piece is a specific aesthetic journey mostly fueled by intuition, instinct and raw emotion generated by whatever turmoil or elation I am experiencing at that time in my life. The gradual uncovering and scraping away of paint symbolizes the revealing of new levels of awareness. Most of my pieces are not planned because the uncovering process is more therapeutic than the end result. I view them as my greatest outlets of personal expression and they allow me to walk through their dimensions to exorcise whatever ails me. I would have to say that my favorite artist and biggest inspiration is Mother Nature. I see my work as a meditation on nature and I try to express to others hidden beauty they normally take for granted. The structure that lies underneath the surface of living or nonliving things has always fascinated me. Many of my paintings contain bone-like imagery representing the inner strength and beauty that exists within. I am also drawn to the natural process of decay like the oxidation of metals and the decomposition of organic matter. As an artist, my goal is to bring the viewer through this magical process each time they experience one of my pieces.”

Debra Petitti has shown her work in numerous exhibitions including at the Williamsburg Art & Historical Center in Brooklyn, NY, Mortimer Gallery in Gladstone, NJ, Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in NYC, Atelier Gallery and the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey in Madison, Petite Gallery, Louisa Melrose Gallery in Frenchtown, NJ, and Limner Gallery in NYC.